Monday, December 02, 2002

The President is Bush, the Vice-President's a Dick
So a whole lot of fuckin is what we gon' get-
talib kweli

wow, you all need to check out talib's new joint, "quality". he never fails his listeners. he collabs with mos def, black thought, res, kendra ross, and quik.

it's official:::..
i am producer of the book release party for "monster". wow. the pressure.. but the EXCITEMENT OF IT ALL! there is energy in the air and i am harnessing it. but i am also working with a great crew of people. vanessa, kat (who is in jamaica right now, that lucky butt),paula, ryan, troy and of course, joel. vanessa gave me great advice..." pretend nobody said the word 'producer' and just keep doing what you are doing and you will be fine."... paz

full circle:::...
my ex ( the one i was with for 9 years) called me last night. he said he was thinking of me and wanted to hear my voice. it was nice. i am over the hurt because i actually appreciated the call. i told him that i was difficult to talk to after our break up three years ago because i needed to heal... and he understood. but now that my life is complete, i can talk to him with out bringing up our painful past.

he changed too.i can feel it, sense it, smell it. i can also sense he is going thru something. he calls it a "major change that life tends to throw at him." well, whatever it is, i hope he finds what he is looking for.

he asked me to call more often and that he wanted to come to some of my shows or art exhibits. i dunno. we shall see. i dunno if i want to share that part of my life with him yet. i don't even know if i can trust him, even to that basic level. we shall see. i will have God lead my heart. right now, i want to do things that makes me happy.

hung out with my friend brandy on sat. brandy is your friend that no matter what you do, it always turns into a day-long adventure. love you, girl!!!!

it's on like donkey king
hung out with ashkizzi last night.i can't WAIT till you hear his upcoming singles! daaaaaaaaamn! words cannont explain how tight they are. we had some persian tea, some of his mom's cooking, and exchanged lessons in life. we are going to collab soon on a joint so i am excited.

ok, back to the grind...

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