Friday, November 29, 2002

ma and pa dukes back in da 70's

on rotation: the roots:phrenology
in mouth: tamarind candy and fuji apples
in heart: light and sound
in mind: how to rewrite my newest poem to a pantoum
in soul: seeking the Most High again

yo, i found that pic at my parents' house and i had to cop it! look at their stilo! the original neo soul. wish pop kept the hat; i would have rocked that today!

the day at my parental units' dwelling was so much fun. we spent the whole night laughing and tearing. esp when i started doing impersonations of everyone. some one has yet to channel me. they try to impersonate me but they don't come close. i morph. hahah... (shut up, alfie).. jk

on the real. my mom said,"this is the most happiest thanksgiving dinner ever. everybody is here in the house at the same time."

palabra, ma... palabra

my pop told me this story when he was in the pen:

after asking the correction officer the third time to repeat what he got to say because the echos in the facility made him inaudible, the officer hastily snaps:

CO: what's wrong with you? can't you understand english?
dad: sure ... how about you? can you SPEAK english?

hahaha go, dad!

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