Friday, November 08, 2002


happy friday! the rain is so beautiful. if you listen to the water running thru the treads of the tires, and if enough cars are driving by, the sound sounds so much like waves crashing in the shore.. try it...

i feel a bit wistful. i need a hug today.. badly...

the one word interview:

LOVE :: makes me strong and weak at the same time

HAPPINESS :: is when i see my family reunited again

PEACE :: should not be obtained by force

ANIMAL :: monkeys!

VACATION :: backpacking in Europe or Latin America

DRUG :: vicodin... hahahahaha! jk

DESIGNER :: looks like thrift store clothes nowadays

SHOES :: pumas and adidas

HAIR :: does what it wants

FRIENDS :: keep me together. i love you all!

BEAUTY :: tip of the day: shea butter and evian water

SEX :: 100% female

COUNTRY :: Born in the USA by way of Maharlika

MUSIC :: keeps my imagination up and running

CD :: currently: Hole: Live Thru This

MOVIE :: Amelie

TV :: sucks ass nowadays

IDOL :: Billy

NEMESIS :: our ancient microwave that works when it wants to

VICE :: coffee

MEN :: come over my way... that is if you got your ish together

WOMEN :: should be spelled WOMBen..hold your heads up high!

FAMILY :: is who i die for

CAREER :: action movie star diva... one day...

DREAM :: last night, i kid you not, i saw the faces of my future children as adults

ART :: if love is oxygen, then art is the air

HOBBY :: way too many to mention

CAR :: looking at passats and the new altimas

NATURE :: needs to be preserved

TERRORISM :: is a term that is thrown about too loosely

AUTHOR :: Pablo Neruda

BOOK :: the Bible accompanied with an open heart

SONG :: 700 mile situation- Res

JEWELRY :: large hoop earrings and silver rings

PALM PILOT :: not yet

BRITNEY SPEARS :: is an alien

BOARD GAME :: CHESS!!!!!!! I ADMIT IT! CHESS IS BAD ASS! oh and i like taboo too.

INTERNET :: addict

MADONNA :: mourning over the body of jesus is a pieta

OSAMA BIN LADEN :: was trained by the CIA

PIERCINGS :: four.. thinking of adding three more

TATTOOS :: are so damn sexy to me

CRIMINAL :: is not my father, facker!

MEDIA :: brainwashes those who don't ask questions

SCHEDULES :: constrict my breathing if i am not careful

BARBIE DOLLS :: i want the Philippine Barbie but i won't pay $250 for it.

P. DIDDY :: looks like one of my cousins.

AMERICAN IDOL :: should have been tamara gray

A PHOTOGRAPHER :: carlo medina

LINGERIE :: at the Hustler store is actually cute! no joke.

BLUE JEANS :: are better indigo


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