Monday, October 07, 2002

West African word meaning "the power of word"

the power of word. some people grasp the concept on how strong the mere words that comes out of our minds. the very words, "i declare war" can last devastating effects on generations of people. saturday night, ish and i hosted an open mic called nommo. it is the brain child of juan maldonado of the MUDD People. every last saturday, capoeira batuque opens up their studio for a night so that kindred artists spirits can share their work. it was a doooooooooooope night. photographer malachi simmons shared his work from the last visit to brazil; peter j harris (poet, writer, author, producer and host of spoken word show on KPFK) shared his work with berimbaus played in the background; asceticfish came and provided the ambiance, spinning rare grooves and downbeats; jenny san angel, half of tulis ( alternative folk group) came and sang her song "wake up". the night was pure love.

nights like this remind me why i am an artist. it reminds me why read, why i write, why i paint, and why i encourage others to express themselves. ( i am notorious of pushing the concept of blogs to my friends- helps them express themselves.) the connection people feel with one another. they new perspectives shown to minds that are open. understanding holding hands with imagination, coaxing it into a birth of manifestation.

just a cosmopolitan/bohemian atmosphere.

next month should be dope. we are going to implement video in the show.

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