Monday, October 21, 2002

eargasms: emiliana torriani
eyegasms: starbursts and supernovas with a bit of a question mark
oral-gasms: ginseng ginger ale
kinetic-gasms: the touch of someone's spine when you two are dancing
nasal-gasms: one love oil mixed with blue nile

and so the saga continues. i have laughed off the previous male-oriented talk about the nature of men and have moved on. if men are like tamagochis, then i am waiting for the 27 upgrades to the product, along with a money back guarantee AND instruction manual. i get bored easily.

this past week has ran me ragged. so much work, so much preparations, so many things to do. i often question why i do so much and if it is worth the journey. it always comes back to "yes, it is worth it. look at the bigger picture."

i have come to realize that life is a serious of little paths that meander thru one big road. i understand my christian upbringing says the the road is straight and narrow but i don't think it is as blunt as it sounds. there is a road to your destination, however, there are narrow little paths overlooked that one must take in order to fully understand the true purpose of your greater journey. for example, i could have done the equation; go to school, get a job, get married, have kids, continue to get 401k plan to grow, retire, and then pass on. well, what if i didn't take those little chances? i would not be where i am today. i took a chance opening my soul to strangers and i connect with people i never knew i would be able to connect with. these people then take me to other paths which leads me to places never discovered by the straight and narrow paths, places that help me understand me, help me understand other, help me know God better.

don't get me wrong. i long for a family with wonderful mate for my soul and children who will bring me full circle. but all this exploration, all this struggle, all this effort is for first most, God, and then secondly, to cushion their existance withen my world. just a bit of reflection for you this monday afternoon.

my weekend synopsis:
*alcohol trips people out. but a great truth serum.

*i miss arnie. electric lotus was fun! good to see old friends again. happy birthday, kuya!

*my dog makes me laugh. he drives me crazy sometimes but he makes me laugh.

*walking 10 km (6.6 miles) for charity is just a drop in the bucket. the struggle continues. it is just waiting for you.

*ish and i had a meeting for nommo. had taro boba, heart palpitated for kulingtang and saul williams, shared his essence and talked about angels and gens and how humans are a combination of of the two. i will work towards angel.

*"vulgar" is not a comedy. clown rape is not funny.

*went to caine and brian's pad to watch wwe no mercy. ray mysterio's 619 is one of the dopest moves ever

* jasmine makes me smile

*a kindred spirit convinced me to get out of bed to come play with him. didn't know basslines, red and purple neon lights, and philidelphia djs can be so fun.

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