Tuesday, September 17, 2002

sippin': mango tea
snackin': edamame
seeing: that there is not enough time to accomplish everything in one day
seeking: solice in the fact that my bday is coming up

just came back from the dmv. mental note: when booking an appointment to your local dmv, avoid the downtown los angeles chapter at all cost. i repeat. do not go to the downtown dmv! sheesh! i am still trying to expel all the negative energy that was being thrown about.

now i am sitting at home, procrastinating into going to work. i should have asked the whole day off damn it. shoot. come to think of it. i should have asked thursday off!

so after days of pondering, i decided that i want to have my bday dinner at santa monica at buca di beppo, thanks to kat for the suggestion. buca is this crazy italian restaurant. it looks like anything kitchy and italian was regurgitated, creating this eclectic fun but borderline acid trip ambiance. but the food is great. i better start sending out the email today.

then thanks to the suggestion of moonie i am thinking of going to either speedzone or dave and buster's ... basically both are bars with dope arcade games, except one has race cars involved. and thanks to the suggestion of one of the beloved morton bros., brian, i am also thinking of getting my groove on at Nightlife at the knitting factory.

i really dont believe in birthdays. i believe in birthday months. i have alot of circe of friends so this way , my friends can pick and choose of which activity they want to do. hahhaha, this sounds funny. this sounds like Camp Alfie... activities... blah!

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