Friday, September 13, 2002

as promised to zoe, a poem to my unborn child. ( oh and thanks for the well wishes for simon. he is such a silly puppy.)

“Contract to Self 2”

Oh Blessed Light!
Sweet anticipation sings
To the lyrics from the pages
Found in my herstory
Blending with Divine Prophesy
I am yet to be complete
I am one heartbeat short of you
And the thought of your existence plays tunes
Of Yesteryears with stolen moments of Today
As Future dances joyously
To the tempo of my Heart’s Drum
in God’s Given Arena
I wait for your arrival, your being of “ now’
With patience of an elder
And giddiness of a child
Sweet Gift of God
I am being molded,
Being shaped,
Being creatively created
Into the Being of Be
That only you deserve

I call upon the challenges of
Trials and Tribulation
I invite them to apply pressure
And to refine my carbon “me”
So that I may shine the Light within
So that prism lights are caught
Dancing in your wide, accepting eyes
Enabling you to see the world clearer

And as I continue my journey
I refuse to look back
But notice that hindsight is 20/20
As all the heartaches and pain make sense
Drawing upon tears
To reign down
And wash away my soiled soul
So that it may be fertile for my seeds to grow

I promise to keep you close to my Inner child, my child
To allow you to remind me what defines me
And what makes me tick
To rediscover me, over and over again
My reason for breathing
My inner clock work ticking in measurements
Of you and not time

I promise to house your fears in
My velvet lined heart
To allow you to fill the world in my arms
Where moonshine pours and sunlight buzz
And renewing your quest for Life
So conquer those demons
As you will the world!

I promise to breathe the spoken word of Wisdom
As you inhale each stanza
Enabling you to shout bouts of Knowledge and Love
Even when you are whispering
To articulate love with psalms
Interwoven with actions of conviction

I promise to work with the world
To not blend in with the masses
And make changes from the inside out
To reform things by through whatever white lines
I could erase in the blueprint of the norm
In which deemed unacceptable
Yet placed by humans, though humans err
So that where ever you are
Your coordinates of x,y,z
Are cushioned by me
Though I don’t stand next to you
I am with you
As I am you
And you are me

I promise to find a man deemed worthy
For your lips to say “father”
And your heart to say “daddy”
And I harmonize with “husband”, ”soulmate”, and “heart’s twin”
That he is aware of the conditions of unconditional love
And seeks infinity with Infinite Wisdom
I will know him because it will be you
That I see when I look at him
As you whisper out his name in my ear
He and I will be strong pillars
Standing on a firm foundation of Corinthians 13:4
As we hold up the Edifice of a REALationship
In which houses you
Your temple,
Your sanctuary

It is I in which Eye can see you with
Making promises and contracts
To the most important role I will play in life
And until I meet you, I will continue to grow
Never rush nature for manifestation manifests
When things happen naturally
You will be by myself, of my self, for my self
So thus I sign in blood we share
This Contract to Self

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