Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween 2012

Just for fun:
"You want to be happy? Then just be happy."
Acrylics on Canvas

That's right. A Buddhist concept illustrated in a Halloween theme. Originally, the pumpkin was white. It made him more creepier but it didn't translate well that he was a pumpkin. (Although, I do love the look of white pumpkins.)


One thing I wanted to start doing is keeping in touch outside of the internet. This means hanging out more, calling more and sending more cards and letters.

The art of letter writing is dead. It is so convenient to just shoot a person a text or email.  I challenged myself to send cards for Halloween. I drew both by hand. The process was meditative and the end product was more rewarding than buying a card an signing it.

All it takes is office supplies

Add stickers and then send away

Koki also needs to have fun this Halloween season. I won't buy him a costume but I will buy cute doggy treats at the doggie bakery

Dog treats made with vanilla and carob

He loves the pumpkin pupcakes

Safe for dogs and dogs love them!

Walkign around my neighborhood, you can see the spirit. The Halloween spirit that is. This cute little guy greeted me as we turned the corner.

Another neighbor is a bit more grotesque.

Here is a picture of my area at work. As you can see, I am more into the cute black cats, pumpkins and bows than anything too too scary.

Tomorrow, my group organized the company Halloween party. I love it when I get paid by doing things I love. 

Happy Halloween!

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