Monday, August 27, 2012

Weekend Re-Cap: V3

August 25th: Thanks to my new gig, East West Players were able to get me into V3, an Asian Pacific Islandler Digital Media Conference. Although I am no stranger to the social media industry, it is always good to see how far we have come in using the internet as a tool for marketing, education and outreach.

I have been working in social media since 1998 and it's never the same; it's evolving and changing and have reshaped the world by leaps and bounds. It has handicapped the television, music and magazine industries. It has changed how we communicate and conduct business. 

And it is important to be ontop of this movement.

My comrades registered me. haha! 


Nonprofit Organization + Digital Media. Pretty informative forum.

"Monetizing your Blog" class was full so I wasn't able to get in so I went to "Facetime: FashionAsians Online" instead. They brought up the fact that the internet leveled the playing field and put everyday people as ambassadors of fashion. People now tend to look at fashion blogs and online youtube tutorials in areas where fashion magazines have overlooked.

I'm surrounded by amazing inspiring people who keep me going. Like these folks, K Carrido-management/ marketing extraordinaire and D Mooko, Dean of a University.

Overall, the conference was truly a wonderful experience and I have walked away with a different perspective in critical thinking and important contacts. I can't wait for next year!

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