Friday, July 02, 2010

no reason. just thought this was adorable!


Anonymous said...

So is it now babies before puppies?

Haha!! Focus, on you first, then the man (Not the MAN), then the babies, then the puppies. Yeah, I know it all sounds too simple. But lightening could strike!

alfie bo balfie said...

i dunno how often you read this but thank you for always pitching positivy towards me.

nobody knows the darkness each one holds in their hearts. nobody knows the reason for defenses and their reasons to shut down.

but these constant reminders of holding on are appreciated.

Anonymous said...

Everyone has darkness Alfie. It is where we hide when we are in fear and doubt.

I am far from perfect myself but I know good people when I see them. In this sense, game recognizes game.

And with whatever issues you think you have; you are, by far, better off than most people.

Fulfilling one’s life purpose is more than just doing something; it is doing what is in your heart, mind, spirit and soul. This is different for everybody and most people never figure it out because they are too busy trying to be somebody else.

I enjoy you because you stay true to yourself and that tells me you have very little fear and doubt. Even when you question yourself! A rarity indeed.