Thursday, August 30, 2012

East Coast Trip 2012 part 1

Planes, trains and automobiles...
B and I headed to the East for his college friends' wedding. Since he works in the travel industry, he listed me as his significant other and we were able to fly for free. The catch is, we can only fly into New York which meant we had to rent a car and travel four states across, something that I am not against. =)
It was awesome being able to say that I have "been" to those four states, well, at least to geotag myself in Facebook. I got a kick out of the comments my friends were saying!
From New York to West Virginia
Lake Cheat... a manmade lake. Is that why they called it Cheat?
The wedding took place in a beautiful green farm. The whole wedding looked like you would find it in Pinterest!
DIY flowers
Morgantown, West Virginia
We only stayed for one day in Morgantown. It is a college town so it had some sort of diversity. But with all college towns, one thing is prevalent: the freaks come out at night. haha! Students were getting their last summer days in by drinking and partying. I went to a couple of drinking holes there. Didn't take pics with my phone, hence, none will be posted here.
Before we headed out, we went on a hike at Cooper's Rock. It was a beautiful walk in the woods, an elevated hike and into the top of the mountains overlooking the beautiful green canyon. It was truly breathtaking.
I should go help him but i am afraid of heights.

Travelling across states with my mango Nikes.
I found this guy. I left him there.

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