Monday, May 14, 2012


This past weekend, I participated for the first time ever the Entertainment Industry Fund Revlon Run/Walk for Women's Help.

My friend Cheryl put together a team called Race for the cAnswer. She recently lost her mother to ovarian cancer and I couldn't be any more honored than to walk in her memory.

I also walked for my Auntie Lita who I lost to cervical cancer. Rest in Peace.

I also walked for Mama D who survived cancer but is undergoing treatment again. For Zandi and LaLa, that they too win their battles. May our love and strength and support add to their fire in their spirits for a speedy recovery.

It was such an amazing event, with a. Sense of community and solidarity. It was inspiring to see survivors as well as its saddening to see pictures of women who have past on, yet uplifting to see their family continue on with their legacy.

The distance is 5k, an easy 3.1 miles circling in and around the LA Memorial Colesium, USC Campus and California Natural Museum. Hosting the event was guest speaker Hale Berry and Mario Lopez and the guy who plays the teacher on Glee. (lol! sorry, I don't watch too much TV so I don't know his name.) This was a great way to start my Mother's Day Weekend.

While waiting for the rest of the team, I had the moment and space to reflect. That was the finish line.. It's exciting to know that we will be standing in the grounds where great sporting events, such as the Olympics, have taken place.

These are Cheyrl's niece and nephews. They participated in the walk as well. This event is family-friendly and we even had a pregnant walker in our team. What at trooper!

The mighty narrow tunnel leading into the colesium.

The sign

Upon completion, the medal

walking to the otherside

this should be first but my phone uploaded it how it wanted to upload

walking towards the finish line...

Maybe I'll fix the sequential order. My iPhone decides what order to put them under.

Happy Monday....

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