Friday, December 30, 2011

Soup for the Soul

I got busy in the kitchen once again, this time with soup recipes. Went over to the local market and checked out what was on special and what was in season. I was craving a roasted pepper soup. I found one that uses potatoes, which was perfect because it stretched the flavor of the red peppers.

Roasted Red Pepper Potato Soup

Roasted four peppers over the range until the skin is blackened. Put the peppers into a sealed bag or container and allow them to steam.

Sautee the onions in butter. Then add a chopped Russet potato, and then the peppers (after you peel the skin, remove the seeds and chop them.) Add the chicken or vegetable broth and let it simmer. 

Put it in the food processor and process until it is smooth. Continue to do so and then return to the pot. Add the heavy cream. Add Cayenne pepper and salt and pepper and waaaah-laah!

And because my friend from Maui asked me to share the base recipe, here it is!

Broccoli Cheddar Soup
The market had broccoli on special - 68 cents a pound! So not only am I steaming, stir frying and making it into a salad, I bought some cheddar cheese and made this soup:

and here is the base recipe I used for this dish:

This is my current fun find: smoked sea salt from Trader Joe's. It gives certain dishes the needed smokey touch. This is great with marinating meats and soups. Next in my list, Himalayan pink salt.


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