Tuesday, February 22, 2011

What you find in your Draft folder of your work inbox:

i have no idea when this is written. i just found this while cleaning out my Draft folder of my work email account:


Its how the tips of his pinkies align with the start of your jawbone

and your chin rests softly in the cups of his palms.

Simultaneously, he carresses your cheekbones with an outward

sweeping motion of his thumbs.


You sigh, he breathes them in and the scent of sampaguitas is the

last thing he takes with him before he sleeps.


Dialated pupils focused into a gaze, even when you look away, he is

locked in.


He rests his right cheek on your left temple and he notices his heartbeats

starts to match to the rhythm of the fluttering he feels on his face.


And how he tilts his head down and tastes the salt on your shoulderblade.

You dare not move, as you wonder about that stronger-than-pride feeling,

and consider the word "submission."

THIS... is when you know you have him.

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