Thursday, February 17, 2011

Virgo: "One of the key aspects that is often used to describe Virgo characteristics individual would be their independence. They are able to sustain by themselves without really requiring the help of others. In fact, individuals born under this star sign tend to be so independent that you might actually think they are a little selfish. "

I never really thought much of astrology. I admit that there was maybe a couple of years when my praying and meditation skills were not so sharp and I needed to hear some sort of message. I would turn to the daily horoscope. I wouldn't read it every day, just during those times when I felt the Universe wanted to tell me something and It chose the daily astrology report to tell me.

I read that description of a Virgo and I really cannot argue with it. I am independent and maybe to a fault. 

I don't let very many people in. I felt that if I do, they are in the prime position to hurt me. And looking back, they often do which makes the door way to my heart just a bit narrower.

And I am fully aware that maybe i am focusing solely on the romantic pain, or maybe even extend it over to bad experiences. it doesn't necessarily shadow the good, but because i can be drama at times, i do.

sucks for the people who do care about me... or for the people i care about but won't let in because of the past.

i have been told that i have not trusted my emotions enough. that my emotional strength is not as strong as it should be. i traded in for analytical processes for atrophy in emotions.

it has been suggested that i feel more... that i trust my heart a bit more... and allow her to feel and explore and not get scared of getting hurt. 

it's that chance i need to take in order to fully see and fully dive into my life.

i'm learning what that means. i'm figuring out what to do. i know tht being vulnerable is a sign of being STRONG.

we'll see. but somewhere, in there, i do...

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Anonymous said...

It's all about balance and knowing that people will disappoint you most of the time but trust yourself and have faith in the fact that the universe is always working towards the highest good for your! You deserve to be happy so just let happen. See all the good around you and disregard the negative. It can be done. Someone is out there waiting to be happy with you and when you are ready you will find each other.