Friday, February 04, 2011

I get it. I understand Tumblr. It's like Twitter, where you can expand your life further than 140 characters and still see how popular your posts are with each reblog.

Not only is it easy to disperse information, visuals, songs, thoughts but let's face it, it fuckin' feels good to feel validated, that your thoughts were cool enough to get reblogged for another Tumblr mini-universe can possibly see your thoughts and pass it on to their network of mini-universes.

It's the 100th monkey theory in rapid pace.

And yes, I am hooked. With the recent block of Facebook at my work, I know longer have a direct connect with my other "co-workers." I update my Tumblr, have it reposted on my Facebook wall, to let others know that my digital smoke signals indicate i am alive.

and after writing the above paragraph, i feel extra LAAAAAAME.

while talking to my friend Meca Isa, i miss blogging, writing out solid entries of whatever is in my mind. I miss communicating in long hand, not by texting, or pushing the "repost" button.

time to read more. time to write more. time to process the inner workings of my head and just WRITE, even if it seems like it is to a big black silent chunk of nothiness.


Anonymous said...

You aren't Lame! Quite to the contrary! As your only blog reader, I always find your posts interesting. I think it is fascinating to read and watch the struggle as you grow into this beautiful person that you really are at heart!!!

alfie bo balfie said...

thank you for always posting comments. you are definitely my favorite only reader. hahahah