Tuesday, February 01, 2011

We just finished day #2 of shooting my good friend Michele Gutierrez' short flick, "11 24." As I have probably mentioned in the previous post, Michele was blessed enough to be chose to be part of Visual Communications' "Armed with a Camera" program.  Michele is a communty organizer and documentary filmmaker who is doing her first creative narrative short flick. "11 24" is dedicated to her Grandfather and it is a glimpse of her childhood memory, a story that takes place in Long Beach about a Pilipino American family trying to solidify that idea of an American dream in the late 80's.

 Michele was able to put together a talented crew and together, casted wonderful actors.

The process is far from over as we still have some shoot backs to capture, editing, and musical score composed by Invid's Jonathan Wandag.

It's amazing to see all the working components to making the film. The different angles, the lighting, recreating a world, bringing words to life- all of it is nothing short of magic and hard work.


Please.... Tell your stories whether you paint a picture, write a graphic novel, recite poetry, make movies... What ever it takes to TELL YOUR STORY. nobody else is doing it. it's up to us to let the world know that we exist.


Check out the kickstarter page. we still need to raise a decent amount to cover costs. Don't let Michele pay for the whole thing with her financial aid. Invest in the arts =)


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