Monday, May 17, 2010

Pop-op Co-op Shops and nomadic artistic souls:

A funny thing happens when your state goes into a financial crisis.

Businesses close and hence, commercial property are vacant and yet, nobody has the means to rent out the place which then makes this busy city of mine looke more and more like a ghost town.

Unless you are given the opportunity to take one of those vacant shops and turn it into something more lively.


Traci had the opportunity dropped on her lap and called out to three more friends (keiko of mango pop, phloe, and me) to see if we can rock this space for 30 days.

We took over the abandoned auto high-performance goods shop in a mall in Little Tokyo and made it into a co-op pop-up shop/gallery and a sometimes performance space.

we spent a good amount of time of cleaning, prepping, and installing lights and art for make it ready for our 30 day stay at the Galleria. our friends really came through to make this happy. i mean, how many of really have a chance to run your own shop at a mall.

now granted, i never thought i would be back in the mall but this time, to be a temporary art space to a ghost town of a mall in the hopes of stimulating THEIR economy, as well as the artists we bring in is a fabulous way to participate in this consumerism game.

one of my installations

the poetry table with my "owlfie"

with artists, phloe and steve wong.

my table with my prints, magnets, custom sneakers and shirts

with my friend jenn tamera

For more pics, check out this link:

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Anonymous said...

Dope! And God don't answers your prayers? I sense that the heart has left the black box! Just keep it in your chest and don't let it go to your head. What a difference a few months make!