Friday, March 05, 2010

Los Angeles-based visual artist and curator, Alfie Ebojo, was first introduced in the in the poetry circuit in 2000 as one of the featured poets in LA Enkanto, Los Angeles’ first Pinay/Pinoy spoken word and music compilation. From that point on, Alfie has performed in numerous venues located up and down the West Coast including Hawaii; has been a guest panelist and workshop lecturer at various universities speaking on how spoken word and art can be viable vehicles for activism and social change; have been featured in several literary publications and have recorded and released in two other poetry compilations. In 2004, Alfie Ebojo met her close friend and writing partner, Melinda Corazon Foley, while working on Brave New Voices, Youth Speaks’ poetry slam youth festival. Their most recent work has led them to perform at the Ford Amphitheater alongside with celebrated author Luis Rodriguez, a two-night run of a one hour comedic spoken word show called “Mic In Your Eye” at the IOWEST for the Latino Laugh Festival, and at KCET’s Asian Pacific American Heritage Month 2009 Annual Ceremony.

Text messages

I want to read your mind.
Probe deep into the inner workings
And clap hands to your synapses snapping
And be in complete sync with you

But I can’t

So instead, I will force you to read mine
Be in sync with your Bluetooth
Like needle pricks to bloodlines
As I send you non sequitur soliloquies
Of Clementine tangerines on sale in Ralph’s
Or continuing on with the she said/he said bullcrap
Without even questioning a doubt about validities

I know it dances in the borderline of stupidity

But we are all busy people

I mean who has the time to pick up the phone to the ear
When really, communication can start here

I can send you haikus at check out lines
Let you feel heart vibrations by the vibrating pulses in your pocket
Can resolve dinner plans, travel intineries and budgets
All in the world at my finger tips

Sure I can pick up the phone and dial
Hear a soul draw breath and have
Vocal chords slice air into words
but words spoken require attention
and words threaded together times attention
means conversation
and conversation equals commitment
and who has time for commitment these days?

I will know that you heart me
With a less than carrot character< followed by a 3

And I will feel greater than LOLs lighting up blue faces
Of Razors sharp with rhetoric
Only to be answered by an emoticon of a semi-colon and half of parentheses ;)

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