Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I really like that you have an independent nature and are a softie too. Do you think that independence, or having outside interests, are important to successful lasting relationships? – Tai Ni Wang

i think what is important to a successful lasting relationships is if lives mesh well. outside interests and being able to be independent (as opposed to co-dependent) in a relationship is a fraction of that. two sides gotta be whole and feel complete on the solo tip before they can be a couple. that jerry maguire "you complete me" is bullshit and that thinking is a gateway drug to co-dependancy (and a whiny-ass partner.)

but with that said, i also understand that there is a level of matching vulnerability that has to happen on both parts.

that's where i am having problems in. being vulnerable to someone, and being vulnerable to my feelings.

i want ninja love... when two people fall in love way before they even knew it. like **smoke screen dissipitates** and BAM! love...

Ask me anything... maybe i will answer. buahaha!

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