Tuesday, December 15, 2009


to get my dollar right

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The other day, I have been told that a woman cannot be a successful career woman and a great partner/mom at the same time. One of the two components have to suffer a bit in order for the other to shine.

Needless to say, I thought that it was a heaping pile crap she is trying to serve me.

Here is this woman, in her 50's, blonde hair, blue eyes, grown children, standing in the veil of being older, more experienced hence "wiseer" than me- that it wouldn't be able to happen.

That I must choose one over the other.

That I don't have kids nor am I married to even know how hard it was going to be.

For years, I had to battle this dogma that was pressed against me since birth. That I being primed to be this perfect little daughter, to grow into this perfect little lady, that will turn into a perfect little wife, and into a perfect little mother. I was and still, criticized about my weight, has been questioned in the decisions on my career choices, and is pressured in meeting men in hopes to find one that would hitch me and knock me up.

Really?? Is that what my life is suppose to be? Is it that simple that shit just falls outta the sky like that? What happened to find a job you love to do and you wouldn't work a day in your life? or marry for love? or finding your soulmate? whatever happened to being the best i can possibly be so that i can be an living example to my future children the strength of what the human spirit can achieve?

At the same time, I must understand that where this woman spoke from was her perspective. i don't know her if she has a pile of broken dreams, dreams she never even pursue because she doesn't have the support system.


i am not approaching this ideology of a woman having it all in any sort of this romantacized notion that things fall into perfect place. i understand the complexities and how difficult it would be to achieve accolades in what you do in work and keeping your family stablized, strengthened, and nurtured emotionally, mentally, and physically. but at the same time, it's the simplicity of the attitude of "yes it can definitely work" that keeps me focused in finding ways to see to it that it can work.

i have this thing in me that wants to work in my legacy in all different forms, #1 being the bloodline/family bond, and then #2 the estate that want to leave those that precede after me....

i almost felt like that lady was at the coffee shop the same time i was because God wanted to know, via her, if i am really ready for all that.

and to which i say "BRING IT."

until then, imma work on my business and get my dollar right... as well as my fitness on. hahah


Anonymous said...

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Fergster said...

This was great to read, and definitely words to think about. Ditto on being ready! =0)