Tuesday, November 17, 2009

at some point, my whistling pot stopped, well, whistling.

and it's unfortunate because while my ADD- ass runs around trying to finish one project after the other, i fail to notice that my water is beyond ready. beyond a comfortable temperature suitable for consumption.

boiling at the point where with normal pots, would be at a screeching pitch. but my pot, stayed silent.

i looked at the pot. nothing seems to be wrong with it. and so rather adding to my already huge carbon foot print, i decided to keep it.

but be mindful.

in which, i realize that i am much like that teapot. i may hold a silent demeanor, but inside, i feel anxious. it gets hard to breathe. it's like i want to just open all the windows, throw out all my paperwork, run through a field until i can run no more and collapse in the middle of a grassy field.

so i'm mindful, to that teapot inside of me. i want something wonderful. i want to embrace it and just breathe it in.

release heat.

be warm...

1 comment:

Fergster said...

I totally feel you on this.

Great words.