Wednesday, October 29, 2008

fast times of alfie numeric aka "quadruple booking"

this weekend, i survived a quadruple booking. i had an art show/living painting gig in pasadena last friday, a live painting gig saturday afternoon, and two art shows in long beach.

i am spread thin.

and so is my art.. they are displayed all over the damn place.

which is a blessing, cuz noboday can see them if they stay in my house.

Divine Feline. Pasadena, CA:
I got to be part of the 3rd Annual Divine Feline artshow. i was also one of the two live painters that night. it was a dope way to start the weekend, but it was a terrible way to end the work week. i came in sooooo tired, drinking five cups of coffee and on an empty stomach.

the night was cool! got to meet fawksie one and dj du wop finally from the earthstonez. du wop is doing a gig in las vegas called "she's dope" and i may be part of it. i looooove networking, yo!

since i didn't take pics and i haven't called my friends to send me the pics that they took, i am going to steal timoi's. ha!

models of the artistic fashion show

the crowd.

more pics to come....

Baby Boogaloo: Halloween Spooktacular: Chinatown LA

my costume is "artist-too-broke-and-busy-to-make-a-costume-whose-money-has-to-go-into-fixing-the-roof-of-her-house"

malcolm painted with auntie alfie too!

DJ workshops were held outside

like the live painting at Divine Feline, this piece was SOOOOOOLD

The new owners of this piece...

Beatrock Store Grand Opening: Long Beach CA

ok.. i was looking for pics but i can't seem to find them.. i'll upload later

but basically, our friends from Beatrock Clothing Company opened up a new store/galler in long beach.

UNITED CAT Halloween Show

By this time, phloe and i were tired to even pull out your camera phones to take pics.

one thing that i wish i hadn't missed on Sunday was World Zombie Day, which was held in Santa Monica this year.

my friend Kell dressed up as a zombie and with him and 100 other zombies walked from Santa Monica Beach to Venice, terrorizing people


santa monica pier

its a good thing the kids missed it.. or else this would have ensued...

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