Friday, October 01, 2010

Art is a lonely serving of one followed by a feast.

I am surrounded by kindred spirits who have the same goal and drive to create, plant seeds, and push a movement of creative expression forward.It certainly is not an easy journey- we know where we want to go but it is this idea of getting there that can be frustrating. Often times, the process and the journey is equal parts spent in solitary and in overwhelming wave of energies, depending which phase we are in the process of it all.

but luckily, if we stay open, we have each other, like-minded people who find the instability of it all REWARDING.

as i step into October, i am drowning in good magic. I won't be seeing a lot of human beings these nights; those moments are going to be spent with the dog, Netflix, and my canvases.

but in between the silence will be moments of celebration, love, and support... and you can mix in a few glasses of hard liquor.

But i also have to remember that i am never truly alone... that my family and friends understand the process and that NO MATTER WHAT, they are there.

So look out for my posts on my fellow creative souls, kindred spirits that want to create, express, share, and live how they were programmed to be... as artists.

soon my pretties...


Anonymous said...

The anoniverse sends it greetings, love and inspiration. Keep focused!! You're too cool to be a fool!


Anonymous said...

U need to get out of your own damn way! Hardheaded!