Sunday, November 02, 2008

we are going to party like it's 1988

god bless all my friends for the things they drag me to do.

like kat, who invited me to a 1988 hip hop inspired party at the Vanguard in Hollywood, in which the invite encouraged the patrons to dress like they were from that era. well, as i have said before, i have been chillin' on the fashion front simply because my money goes towards other ventures. needless to say, i freaked a bit.

but happened to find a vintage bat-winged puma jacket, denim mini, knee hi socks, doorknockers and sneakers.


well, fuck hollywood. all the ladies dressed like they were straight outta urban outfitters and the only thing 80's inspired were their leather booties and/or doorknockers.

and as kat said, "1980's were bad years for men in general unless they were b-boys."

cuz let me tell you, nothing is sexier than a man who is channeling Run DMC.

that night blessed us with doug e. fresh, mc lyte, d-nice on the decks, dj quik, yo yo, and slick rick.. in the audience with us were esthero and ricky bell. tee hee!!

kat, eye-a-sage with her gold grill, and moi

sponsored by Hennessey, the drinks were free

bumped into Mark and Jana

shameless plug, just wait for Eye-A-Sage's album to drop, at the top of 2009. shit's gonna be fiyah

and thanks to her, we got this little clip from the night- doug e. fresh, slick rick:

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