Monday, October 27, 2008

Early Monday morning, you find me doing this: making sassy faces at my other insomniac friend in Chicago on video chat.

you make this face because it is damn past midnight and you are hungry for tom yum gai or chicken pho but don't find it feasible to hop in your car and drive all the way over to Chinatown LA to have a midnight meal, BY YOURSELF, in a lonely flourescent-lit restaurant.

But earlier, I was at Lyrehc's pad, shooting the shit, eating homemade gyoza and drinking Kirin. there is something about that women of wanderlust that always gets me amped and inspired.

lately, i am feeling a bit lonely. i understand that God provides me everthing that i need, and it is what i want the fuels the fire and passion that keeps us running during the day.

i am in a vision quest to find my God-self again.

right now, i am in warrior-mode. but i am finding out that fists with no direction and purpose only exerts wasted energy as it flails in the darkness. and because of that, i am looking for fights. THAT needs to chill.

but whatever longing i am feeling, it makes for interesting art.

"Hello, heart." - Acrylics on Canvas, 12"x12"

"pain/love and all it's sweetness" - 12"x12" acrylics on canvas

i understand that all the pain and sweetness in life and love comes from these human experiences that shape me and mold me. i understand the unbearable lightness of it all. it's now making much more sense to me.

more pics from the weekend to come.

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