Monday, September 08, 2008

one night, half asleep, i begged God not to take me.

"i still had work to do on this earth," I said to Him.

For some reason, i thought i was going to die that night.

He agreed.

And i woke up thinking "wtf???"

two days ago, my boy bobby james popped up in my chat window

[17:53] BobbyJames: OH
[17:53] BobbyJames: it is a good thing you spoke to me today
[17:53] BobbyJames: i had a dream with you in it last night
[17:53] BobbyJames: strange
[17:53] BobbyJames: (what was it about? one won't know until you ask) lol
[17:54] alfie: DO TELL
[17:54] alfie: HAHHAHHA
[17:54] BobbyJames: lol ok
[17:54] BobbyJames: it wasn't much
[17:54] BobbyJames: but you had a following
[17:54] alfie: like i am a cult leader?
[17:54] BobbyJames: and it was more of you as an elder spirit leader and you had women surrounded by you of all different ages
[17:55] BobbyJames: LOL
[17:55] BobbyJames: yes
[17:55] BobbyJames: no
[17:55] BobbyJames: and this was much later in life
[17:55] BobbyJames: years after our friendship
[17:55] alfie says: yay, thatt means i get to grow old!
[17:55] BobbyJames: and we were in the park i grew up with as a child
[17:55] BobbyJames: yes
[17:55] BobbyJames: you will
[17:55] BobbyJames: and we were sitting next to each other
[17:55] BobbyJames: and this is years after all of your accomplishments
[17:56] BobbyJames: but you still looked very young... playing with flowers from the earth and giving them to the youngest girls
[17:56] BobbyJames: and i was eating having conversation with my friends at a festival that was happening there
[17:56] BobbyJames: and i looked to my left and you were there
[17:56] BobbyJames: if i was sitting facing forward you were facing the opposite way but we were perpendicular to one another
[17:56] BobbyJames: and i said ALFIE??? is that you?
[17:57] BobbyJames: and you looked at me as if it took you back years and i reminded you of who i was and you smiled
[17:57] BobbyJames: and we looked back at our years together
[17:57] BobbyJames: and then you had to go
[17:57] BobbyJames: just as it is

I am not to certain what any of that means, but it gives me a feeling a peace...

on with the show...

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