Thursday, June 01, 2006

i can't believe it has been six months since i have posted on my health blog

this is not my health blog; i started a new one somewhere. the purpose for me is to keep up a diary on line so i can stay focus on being fit.

well... you learn alot from not doing something the same way you do when you DO do something.

so here is my post for the day in my fitness blog... come on, alfie. stay on track!!!


it's done. i have lost my readers. well, one thing i have learned about this whole ordeal is that there is no room for talking.

absolutely none.

i found the following to be true:

1. most people don't care that you are trying to lose weight.- they don't want to hear it, no matter how much you want to show them you are excited or how much you are trying to convince yourself that you are excited. and this is not about you (although you should really wonder why you talk about it in the first accountable) but it may be a reflection on what is inside of them. often times, the ones who are "okay" with themselves will be encouraging. i dont know about the ones who discourage; that is something i dont want to ask or get into a dialogue. "hey, are you cool with your body image? no? is that why you cut me down?" but really, why do you need people's validation? just do it. (yes, the "you" i am talking about is me. but if you feel it speaks to you, then take the message.)

2. keeping a blog on health is time-consuming. if i have problems finding the time to work out, what makes you think i have time to write about it?

which leads me to...

3.its boring to read about when or how you work out. but nonetheless, you do it. not to keep the readers (which is basically my support group) but to visually see you are doing something. i don't have anybody to report to but myself, so i should do it here.


with my time gone, i learned a few things and changed a few things...

what i learned is this...

1. comfort food will make you fat so i spent most of my time nursing a broken heart, stressing over no time, and worrying about things in the far future or which hasn't happened yet. so what i have done is cut down in my sugar intake.

the crash is a muthafawka. i can't be nursing receptors that are thriving on biochemicals that saddens me. its an ongoing cycle.

so instead, i paint.. i draw... i take walks and i read.

2. i will always lead a busy lifestyle, there for, i shall have to fit the workouts in my daily life. so.. i started walking to work, to the grocery store and carrying the bags home, stretch or do sit-ups or push-ups for stress relief. i must interweave more physical activity in my day. make it a part of my life.

3. opting to do more physical activities with friends rather than to sit and eat. breaking bread is a beautiful thing. preparing food with love is a nurturing event that we all can take part in. but i can't have that be the ONLY thing my friends and i can do.

basically, i am trying to up the level in my activity in my lifestyle. so far so good. i have lost some weight already and that earns enough confidance for me to press forward. that is all i want, affirmation. but i can't get it from just people encouraging from me: i gotta find it for myself, IN myself.

so on with the journey...

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