Friday, May 12, 2006

sometimes the universe speak thru the words of your friends...this morning, joe daddy was moved to send me this:

i'm wishing you the best of days,
come what may,
and i pray today displays
all you want, all you need,
and that you're not to scared to heed
the call of your destiny.....

every morning, as i sip my first cup of coffee, in the sound vibrations of the birds who live in my giant totoro tree, i read on a prayer flag, a gift from another dear friend...

the universe holds an abundance to what i need in my life...

and a text from another kindred soul not too long ago:

Sending a message for the universe: u have an infinite gift for life. You are one of my treasures. Have joy love & powerful spirit. I will always remind you this.

i gave up searching for signs long time ago. but some things are blatant. some you can't ignore. and really, all you can really do is be open to messages of faith, determination, and affirmation. its too easy to hear the criticism from others and in your head.

random acts of kindness... i probably should do more of that myself.

speaking of random acts of kindness...

remember the story of the old man at the farmers market who sat down next to me and talked to me about love and fear? i saw him again not too long ago. i said "hello" and he didn't remember me. and all i can do is smile. because whatever possessed him to speak in tongues wanted to have me hear that message, and that message was directed to me... and to any of you all who felt touched by the story. it was for you too!

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