Tuesday, March 29, 2005

a funny thing happened while i was away from blogger

it's called life.

life picked me up by the neck, body slammed me, threw me to the ropes and clothesline me.

i didn't have time to chronicle my thoughts and i am sure that alarmed some of you (right? you missed me. right?)

well here is a bulletized synopsis:

- belle and caine had a baby shower

- belle and caine had miles!

- vanessa had a bridal shower

- vanessa and jason got married!

- melinda wrote a dope ass play and i got to act in it. after it's all said and done, we kicked ass and melinda got great feedback in her play. it got accepted in the 2005 hip hop theater festival where we will be travelling up to san francisco to do the reading. check out the synopsis of my character...

ERIKA: mid-to-late-20's female bartender of DOWN AND OUT, the washington, dc bar where SONNY and ROACH also work. any race. has ben working there for a couple of years. she is like a sister to SONNY and ROACH (and somewhat to SIMKA). tomboyish and attractive- could even be considered a saucy dish. probably athletic. talkes shit with the boys but comes off as a lot more mature than ROACH., because she IS more mature than ROACH. can handle herself pretty much anywhere.

((( pops collar ))) yeaaaaaaah, beyatch!

- i got asked to curate a show at tribal cafe on temple. i only had a week but i was able to have enough artists to feature.

- did more live paintings.

- went to michigan for a zero 3 show

- going to train more in escrima

- wrote a feature article on ewok one for jointz magazine.

- got sick unexpectedly as my face broke out in a wierd, yet terrible rash that had me bed-ridden for 4 days. that is where i sat in silent retrospection on my life and i decided to detoxify and streamline my life by getting rid of things i don't need. it is where i realized how much mr. man is a fuckin asshole and i finally release him so i can be in peace. i am understanding that i am need to be single right now.

and in between the mayhem, i was able to book some gigs and nail some jobs. been doing more urban walks and today, before i logged on, i attempted to do more jogging than walking. i suck right now. but hopefully, i can only do what i have been doing for the past few weeks-- strengthening...

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