Monday, January 31, 2005

single's guide to baby showers

caine and belle had mile's baby shower today. oh what a blessing it is to have a co-ed baby shower. this is the first time i ever went to a co-ed babyshower so it was definitely peace to see the men there. besides, it has been a minute since we ALL have hung out. it's not like we can meet up at a club at a drop of a dime anymore. we all got different things to focus on.

but not this sunday afternoon. we all met in the south bay. there was food galore. drinks galore. abundant laughter and giggles. lots of catching up also happened as we all reconnected.

there are a few things that i learned that may be helpful to pass on to other singles who are going to be attending a lot of baby showers. whatever i can do to make your shopping experience easier. don't be like me who sat there and roamed around the aisles of babyland picking up things, putting it in the cart only to put them away and replace them with other things.

1. you can never have enough diapers. self explanatory. get them diapers. (unless you get take borgmeyer's advice and just feed the baby less. but he's a knucklehead. what the hell does he know?)

2. the diaper dekor is better than the diaper genie

3. from the sounds of things, you might as well get them a true air odor eliminator

4. apparently, you can never have enough caps, bibs, onesies, and socks. esp socks. supposingly, you lose them. i guess my frugal ass will be safety pinning the clothes together.

5. baby shower drinking games is a great way to have the men participate in the shower.

6. having a baby pool with the minimum of five dollars is also a great way to have the men participate shower.

7. i heard that the ocean wonder aquarium bouncer was a lifesaver to one parent:

Swimming fish with bubbles and softly colored lights

Four selections of music & sounds: lullabies, ocean waves, summer rain, babbling brook

Calming vibrations soothe baby like a ride in the car

Gentle bouncing motion activated by baby’s own movement

Plush seat pad and restraint are machine-washable and dryer safe

oh yea, that sounds rad!

8. one of the most cutest baby shower games for artists ever is taking fabric paint and painting on onesies. what i did i paint? a lion with the rasta colors with the slogan "feeling irie"... okay. i forgot it was for a baby, k???

9. a remote control cool tower humidifier is such a good idea!

10. the rave of the party? a boppy. what is a boppy you asked? well i didn't know what it is till i saw it at target. its a circular pillow that would aid in breast feeding and bottle feeding the baby (can be used by both parents.) it is also good for the baby to sit on when s/he is older.

who knew? i didn't. but i particularly like the limegreen chamois one. =)

pictures up sooon...

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