Tuesday, September 21, 2004

my bday party
this year, i didn't really plan anything for my bday. my bday just crept up silently. before i knew it- BAM!

But what is sweet are my friends. traci of zero3 had the tuesday night cafe benefit double as a bday party for us virgos- glen, belle, and moi!

my brother allen and me

scott, me, and anna


allan, me, ish, and darren- okay, the funny part about this pic is that before i walked up, they were having a heated debate about politics. then i said, "hey, let's take a picture" and they started cheesin'.

grace of TNC and Ryan of BlackLava

rashaad, trifari, and bambu

dorian and mitzi

fellow ilocana sista, melany

rodrick, traci, me, and keiko agena

okay, i am at my fourth drink here. getting faded. caine and belle... hey! if i am gonna get drink, let it be my bday

my cousins, rachael and jenus

the green crew

kirzia and george of room to improv

this must be after my sixth drink

bam performed a set

kat freakin' edren

kat freakin' edren

i spent all of today detoxing. thanks to nathan, i OD'ed on vitamin e and water.

the next day was chill... chocolate croissants and iced coffee at the santa monica farmer's market with mitzi.. the art store and venice beach with the siblings.. sushi and talking to meterosexual guys at the bar at miko's family's japanese restaurant.. and then coffee and chat with miko

tonight, i went to the stinkin' rose with deejay and got a graff name card from micah

and tomorrow, bday lunch with phloe...

life is good. i am thoroughly blessed... yep, i am tongue kissing the days because happiness has settled in.

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