Thursday, August 19, 2004

man, i am so stressed that i can feel my liver clawing from the inside of my abdomin. too much to do, in too little time. nausea is a frequent friend.

i know better days are coming. and when they do, i am going to grabbed them and tongue kiss them.

yea, just like that...

absolutely mindless crap that i need to spew out of my brain
-right before my moon phase, i get this zit on the same spot on my right cheek. it hurts.
-i love chocolate croissants. when i have only three hours of sleep and there is nothing in the fridge, it is my "savior" i savor
-yes, i know there are some major typos on my blog. they are streams of unconciousness
-yes, i know things are great
-yes, i know the wheel if fortunata spins
-i need to drink more water
-alcohol is a great way to find a whole lotta nothing
-editing video on my computer is not that fun
-i am going to be in three weddings in the next year. whoa. lots of formal dresses i rarely wear?
-my mom is hot, and she knows it
-i have to learn to say "no" sometimes
-"i am afraid of the dark, but can't sleep in the light"
-if i am going to continue to work at home, i need a better chair for my back

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