Monday, August 23, 2004

las vegas is a reminder of things you think you want but you don't actually need -part 2

really, las vegas is not for me. it's one big adult fun fascade. vegas tries to throw so many carrots in front of your face, making you want things that you don't need.


it is sin city. it is gluttony to its highest. it's kinda like that magical amusement park where boys in the story of pinochio goes when they play hooky. but at the end they all turn into donkeys.

shit, i felt like that. after drink after drink after drink, i found myself in a sea of lonely, sad clown faced gamblers. i snapped out of it when i put my 16th quarter in the "mucho muchachas" slot machine with a "damn, this is my laundry money!" and in a buzzed stupor, i sat there, talking about metaphysics and destiny with jenus and anna while the others gambled and what ever sin-city folk do.

but the reason why i went, is that not only is this a trip where all the cousin came out to hang out, not only were we celebrating rachael's bday, but we were there for a reunion.

and it is funny how we tend to get together under sad circumstances but you try to make the best out of it. my cousin romy is being deployed to iraq. he and 6,000 service men and women are activated. we are extremely angry and saddened. i tried not to talk about it with him; at this point i wanted to spend the 24 hours with him, my blood, and not talk about the soldier side of him. we share the same politics so i know he is just as mad as i am. he is a medic and he gotta tend to the wounded. but seriously, our country don't need to be there in the first place. sorry, my thoughts are all over the place.

the mauricios, guzmans, and the ebojos by way of asuncion

romy and ediza

i don't know what my brother is doing

someone is happy

cuz someone is winning

and it isn't us

yea, i made them pose. so what?

meanwhile, someone got greedy and lost some cash hehehhehe

chris was helllaaaaaaa effed up. cute pics of my cousins

me after 2.5 hours of sleep, no make up, and slightly hungover

come home safe, romy.

fuck this war. it needs to end now

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