Thursday, June 24, 2004

so, i am STILL waiting for my paychecks...

so right now, i am the queen of free stuff! free baller right here! let me tell you about the free and cheap things i have been doing for the past couple of weeks.



melinda hooked me up with a gig with the LA Film Festival 2004. basically, me and some other poets with "hip hop flavor" are going to open up for the special free screening of "krush groove" at the sunset blvd laemmle 5 movie theaters. there is no pay but i get to see all the movies and attend all the "movie parties" for FREE!

so i saw "imelda". let me cut to the chase. she is funny as fuck. and she doesn't mean to be. she really thinks that she is the saint of god, peace, and love. her vainess comes thru and she says these things that makes me laugh. dude, she is nuts. has a church with diaramas of her doing "good deeds to the world" (one of them is how she was crowned in a beauty pageant. dunno how that ties in to piece but she did say something to the effect that beauty is god and love manifested.) but, never mind about her country in poverty, and about martial law, and how her husband's dictatorship completely pushed their fed up people in a revolution. so long as beauty manifests, right? yea, it was cool. i laughed, and i got pissed.

oh yeah, come out and support and see a free screening of krush groove tomorrow:

laemmle courtyard
8000 sunset blvd
hollywood, ca

then i saw two brothers at the arclight. its a good movie. i enjoyed it. i mean how can you not fall in love with the tigers that you see grow up right before your eyes? its a great movie to show that people can be assholes when it comes to stealing from ancient temples, killing off animals, and being hungry for money. oh, and the tigers understand what the people are telling them.

well, its a kid movie. but shit. i liked it! two thumbs up!


so yea, tomorrow's free thing. krush groove. OH COME ON! SOME OF YOU OUT THERE REMEMBER CRUSH GROOVE! We may have been in elementary school but let's go see it again.

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