Sunday, June 27, 2004

"HOLD MY EARRINGS! THIS BITCH IS MINE" ...roll dawgs in affect

so, i am single. i accept this. in fact, i am getting the swing of things. now don't get me wrong, i am not yet in the prowl. i am just in the mode of "what is in alfie's best interests?" or better yet "what does my soul want cuz i spend too much time with my ego?"

one thing's for sure, i need some more creative energy to flow. i want to feel completely doused with creative energy and enthusiasm that i can feel the soles of my feel tingling.

and so starts the chapter where i am viewing myself as the catalyst of making shit happen.

no dwelling in the past, no thinking of future. i am here, right here.

one thing's for sure. i want to go out more. i miss being out in "the scene". now before you go and get on your nokias and call me for an "intervention" i am so far from going out and getting lost in hollyweird drama. i just want to ... hang out.

since the winds of change are not only caressing my cheeks, i found a new roll dawg ( since all my other ones are TAKEN ). phloe...yep, she is my new podnah in crime. and we tend to go to all these places, not just to socialize and meet new people but to network as well. besides, i miss dancing.

but there is one rule, we have to do everything for FREE. i am too old to be paying ridiculous amounts of money to SIMPLY BE IN A PLACE. fugg dat. you can suck my big toe. (unless it is for a good cause, fundraiser, or to support folks, then i will pay for the admission fee)

so dj jedi is spinning at zanzibar. he was kind enough of to get us on the list.

ok, this is getting too long

basically, phloe and i got almost had a bar fight. well actually, she got mad at some asian fetish frat boy and asked i had her back. i am always down for my people. so i started to get all roused up.

but then i had a vision of when the security guards take all three of us out (or anybody else who would participate in the melee) and when asked "so what did this man say to you that made you slice him with broken glass and kick him in the balls?"

"sir, because he called us... CONSERVATIVE"

(( SILENCE))...needless to say, after the vision, i backed down and laughed and told phloe she is cool.

Now, granted, i was sporting my puma gear but phloe was all rude girl stilo with all her tattoos showing and some dope wedges. dumbfuck probably callled us conservative cuz we were not grinding our asses on his dick when we were on the dance floor.

frankly, i think phloe just needed a reason to kick his ass.

don't fuck with phloe.

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