Friday, July 02, 2004

the shoe poll

after rolling out with my friend, dj the fashion designer, we got to talking about imelda marcos and this stereotype about pinays having lots of shoes.

"i am not a diplomat, or a politician, or a celebrity, and i have 400 prs of shoes. so i don't know why people are making fun of imelda. i am sorry to say but that is the nature of the pinay."--- imelda's niece

dj accuses me of being well over 400 prs. i soooooo disagree. okay, so i did once work in the shoe dept and i would always come home with "prizes from the hunt" but shit, never 400!!! that is 800 single shoes lying about. i am sorry to say, but i don't have oprah's closet where i can even HOUSE them shoes.

so i took a poll. now granted, the results may not represent the general public but this is based on alfie's world who happen to be online for the question:

the pinays:
faith santilla: 12 pairs
LuICYLOOooo: right now i got about 30
luvJONES13: i'd say around 25
luvJONES13: okay, maybe 35
kittie1527: about 20

the pinoys:
simonligaya: prolly a dozen
asceticalchemy: around 12 pairs and 5 flip flops
RJesena: 2 running shoes, 1 baseball cleats, and 2 nice leather italian shoes
MajGoku2004: 8-9?
archon236: 17-18 and about 12 pairs of chinelas

the miscellaneous:
Randy Q Says: about 10

sponsays: 50
sponsays: maybe
sponsays: soemthing like that
Alfie says: GOD DAMN!!!!

so, according to my poll, it is not the pinay who has alot of shoes. it is the white man. 50 shoes???????? god damn.

i will post my number soon. since i am home, i can count them. but i am wondering how many shoes dj has. that woman. i swear she had to get rid of 5 wardrobes and a closet full of shoes so her and don can move in together. hehehe!

so i asked her man:

Yorvit: at least 150 pairs
Alfie says: she thinks she has 400
Alfie says: but 150 is alot too hahahhah
Yorvit: i would believe that


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