Tuesday, June 08, 2004

happy full revolution of the earth day, kennedy

we grubbed on tofu-damn-near-everything at palms in hollywood. no thai elvis. i was really looking forward in hearing him perform last night. (yes you heard right. a thai man the age of my father dresses up as 70's elvis and drives a pink convertible cadillac sings at palms. he sounds EXACTLY like the king.)

lots of laughs. i told love fortunes with a deck of bicycles. thai ice coffee. dimples. curry. woman practicing their "auntie" cackles. edren talking about going to wieland's. good times

kennedy, edren, and ryan

a candid of kennedy taking a candid of some friends

kennedy, in the view of tom yum gong

keiko, melody, traci, and tracy

chipmunk cheeked me and kennedy

chipmunk cheeked me and kennedy

traci and tracy figuring out the bill

more cheeks and dimples. i am jealousl

keiko singing!

more singing!

ladies man

ladies man

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