Tuesday, February 24, 2004

"no self respecting filipino would be on the atkin's diet. GIVE ME MY RICE!"--- phloe, my roommate.

you know this atkins diet is getting out of hand. (what's up with the carl's jr low carb six dollar burger??? so it's healthier without the bun? it doesn't matter that you have 2 grams of carbs yet its 37 grams of fat and 1270 mg of sodium!!!)

a friend of mine SWEARS by it. she said she lost 15 pounds from it. she did say she was tired of eating meat all day.

i don't know about eating steak and eggs all day. that is just crazy. i understand cutting down your starches, but what about just increasing your fruit and veggie intake, as well as exercising every day?

i think there will be alot of skinny fat people, meaning, they seem skinny looks wise but their body mass index shows that their fat is really high.

i think the reintroduction of the atkins diet must be a way to up sales from the recent bird flu and mad cow disease scare. ewwwww...

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