Monday, January 26, 2004

this was a good weekend
- finished a painting in less than three hours. looks like a start of a new series.

- shavonne, my old roommate, stopped by to hang out. i haven't seen this sista for about a year. it was nice to just sit back and play catch up. i honestly have to do more than just the LA thing and go beyond the occasional calls and emails. i have that luxury in where i can do that.

- nommo was dope. it started late but when it did, the magic started. i need to write more. i remember a time when all i did was sit down and words spewed out of my pen like it was nothing. now, i have set the bar of standard higher. so high that i am experiencing writer's block. all good. just means that what i write matters more.

-afterwards, we went to the double standard chinese lunar new year at grandstar. didnt feel like staying home so wendell took me downtown. we got there early enough to see karmacy and ill again. the API community in la is so small as i walked around, being greeted by friends left and right. i got to see karin anna cheung! she and i, as she puts it, grew up together at csun. we were in art school together. it was a dope reunion. i found out that she lives a couple of blocks from me. i am so proud of her and her accomplishments. she doesn't consider herself and actress. she considers herself an artist. its good to see that hollywood didnt change the beautiful person that she is.

-sunday was a lazy day. i woke up too late to get to kali class. got a call from the lil sis to hang out with her. there wasn't much to do as neither of us was hungry, there are no movies worth watching at the time, and we both don't want to spend too much money. so we went to the mall where i looked at fashion that didn't appeal to me. again, we played slug ugg, hitting each other as a women/girl/teen walked by with ugg boots and a short skirt walked by. found some running shoes that i got at a great price with the 30% off friends and family discount coupon brian gave me.

- tried to go to alison's and dlo's show but unfortunately, i thought it was sold out. i ended up going home and talking to the bf for a couple of hours. i don't get to see him much as both of us are busy and we live so far away. its all good as we both have to get our stuff done and seeing him guarantees quality time. i do miss him alot though.

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