Thursday, September 18, 2003

PorkJELLO: you know i just realized something
Alfie says: ?
PorkJELLO: i know why i'm so interested in the governor's race
Alfie says: why?
PorkJELLO: it's like pro wrestling
Alfie says: lolololololol
PorkJELLO: it is!
PorkJELLO: all these characters
PorkJELLO: giving interviews
PorkJELLO: doing these small debates (Raw or Smackdown)
PorkJELLO: and it's leading up to the big debate (wrestlemania)
PorkJELLO: Davis is the man that doesn't want to give up his title and will do anything to keep it - HHH
PorkJELLO: while Arnie (The Rock) is the one with all the catch phrases and the charisma but only will show up at the big debate
PorkJELLO: then there's bustamante, that just rambles pointlessly about shit he knows nothing about (mean gene okerlund)
PorkJELLO: and arianna huffington, just yapping away incessantly with her accent about her personal politics - The Iron Sheik
PorkJELLO: And Peter Comejo - the green party candidate that's there but nobody cares - Lance Storm
PorkJELLO: and finally Tom McClintock
PorkJELLO: the man who has stuck to his guns and is controversial but is the underdog
PorkJELLO: and you know me
PorkJELLO: i'm voting for HBK!!!

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