Thursday, September 18, 2003

at approximately 9:34 am, sept 19, i am officially out of my twenties. i will enter the thirty-somethings. how do i feel, you ask. i feel great. it is cool. i don't "feel" 30. but how does one feel 30? most of life changing discovery took place in the last three years of my life. it's like i was reborn again (in fact i was reborn, come to think of it. 1999). i am redefined. re-stylized. re-directed in where striving to reach a higher level of self causes you to re-learn shit that was spoon fed to you. i would never have thought i would be doing half the stuff i was doing now five years ago. it had to be something huge and traumatic needed to shake me awake. it was painful but so needed.

i am worth more than the degree i got in art. worth more than bullshit excuses. worth more than other people's negativity due to their inability to figure shit out for their life. worth more than my 401k plan.

there is something out there bigger than i can even comprehend. i am in a brink of something huge. or a i could be in amidst of it. whatever it is, it is an exciting time. and i am never have been so blessed and thankful. let me just stay focus.

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