Friday, July 18, 2003

alfie's friday blunt spurts
-did you know that SARS is much like the mad cow disease? many of the chickens were fed ground up carcasses of other chickens that have been dead. or it is spread by feeding chicken feces to the pigs. gross!!!! fuck the bbqs!!!

things to consider reading:
-globalization in factory farming
-fight SARS, not wars

- bush is not going to assist africa with their fight of the aids virus. george and dick are just pharmacists; they are going to SELL pharmaceuticals to africa. oh, what a hero.

- my friend recently was hanging out with a newly in-love couple. the woman friend confided in my friend that she had a yeast infection and wanted to know what to do.

my friend, like me, insist on battling ailments holisticly and told her tips on what to do in order to heal.

"and then it will be better in a day, right" says the woman

"no, it is going to take about 5 days", says my friend

"but its ok to fuck right?" says the woman, her boyfriend intently listening

"hell no, you have to wait til that shit heals or else you are going to pass it on to him" says my friend

both woman and man gets pissed off- "oh hell nooooo!" "we can't NOT fuck for five days!! fuck this!!! had i known, i am just going to get monistat and heal that shit in one day! we can NOT wait that long. we can't live without fucking."

THEY WERE GETTING MAD AT MY FRIEND!!! because why?? i don't know.. because THEY had problem and my friend simply told them what to do in order for her to get better.

had it not been the article in people magazine about ashton and demi moore's relationship, my friend would have stood up from her seat and smacked them both.

do not blame the messenger


let your coochie breathe

sorry for the bluntness

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