Friday, June 20, 2003

art girl (aka dharma karma) strikes again
ok, so, i just got into work because my dumb ass thought it was saturday this morning! i even hopped out of bed to and into the shower because i thought i was late for johneric's performance at sol fest!

or maybe i am not dumb and i am from the future...

or running on the philippines time zone...

(( shaking head then smacking my head on the key board))

after talking to wendell, i realized i wanted to add something to the list of characteristics i want in a man. wendell said it best... "someone to pray with"... BINGO BANGO! yes! that is so true. i want someone i can pray with! man, i am making this more challenging for me. no worries.

cuz right now, i am having an affair with LIFE, and i am looking for a man who wants to do a threesome with me.

ps. some of you need to get your head outta the gutter and see the poem in that sentence. sheesh
pss. from the past posts about me feenin', just because i am open about talking about it, doesn't mean i am looking for a partner. i am quite fine abstaining right now and waiting right now. i am a progressive woman but i am not THAT progressive. so no more proposals please. i am actually surprised that some of you went that far.

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