Monday, June 16, 2003

10 top things that kicked ass (in no set order)
1. this street bike. i friggin' want it!
2. celebrating father's day! that was fun! again we went to a carnivore's spot.sheesh, my family and meat.. i swear...
3. the LA FILM FEST! (see next entry)
4. watch "REFUGEE" and "THE FLUTE MAKER"- there is something wonderful about documentaries. no script. just stories unfolding right in front of your eyes.
5. convinced my sister to go to film school with me!
6. kali class kicks major ass. esp my ass. muscles are sore. the guros were hitting hard that day! but i am glad they believe i can take it.
7. zero 3 did some experimental ish with electronica music as the keyclub in hollywood. hella avant garde! felt like i was going to bump into basquiat or andy warhol
8. zero 3 "friendster" song they improv-ed.
9. the firehouse cafe at venice beach
10. sweet rice and mango

10 things that suck ass
2. forgetting you have a nose ring and you rub your nose. OUCH!
3. constant changes on a design. GIVE ME ALL YOUR CHANGES ALL AT ONCE!
4. #3 times 7

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