Monday, June 23, 2003

10 top things that kick ass (in no particular order)
1. Sol Fest at Macarthur Park- it is peace to see so many people in the artist movement in one place! Vendors selling dope art, organizations passing out information about what is going on in our communities, families, hip hop heads, hippies, activists, actors, artists, musicians, graff artists, bboys/bgirls, the rasta van with the mobile dj, spoken word, elotes, vegan food, tamales, cotton candies, children “kissing” people with gerber daisies… ugh, I can go on and on. PEACE TO: balagtasan collective, faith santilla, native guns, kmb, fil-am arts, mr.grizzly from woolies,, meadow, Elijah, james from deity, Daniel and Mario from anahuak clothing, the moreton brothers, sutol clothing, evolve clothing, strich 9, medusa and feline science, and the dude who ran the elotes cart!
2. faith’s bday party at cha cha cha’s on Melrose. You want dope ambiance and even doper carribean food, go there!
3. the pink journal phloe blessed me with. Thanks, phloe! I am going to fill the pages with ramblings and ventings and love!
4. the dope ass skirt Mr. Grizzly aka I-Grow designed for me! Bro, I got maaaaad compliments from people. You are very talented!
5. tangerine sugar scrub from trader joe's
6. shameless self promotion #1- being on soulophonics spoken word cd
7. shameless self promotion#2- I am published in 2003 Maganda magazine
8. sketching to jazzonova, bebel gilberto, zap mama, les nubiennes, and sunny day real estate
9. slowly coming out of my cocooning stage and writing three poems!
10. I AM GOING TO SEATTLE!!!! (brian, can I borrow you digital camera?)

10 top things that SUCK ass (in no particular order)
1. not having rice available!!!
2. rain on sol fest. Sol means sun in Spanish. Helloooooo?
3. schedule was behind a couple of hours. Now I know how it feels to be in both sides of producing the show!
4. missing kali class again! Looks like I am going to have to double up classes
5. not finding enough time to finish things
6. not finding enough time to sleep
7. wheatgrass shots. Okay, I know they are soooo good for you but it still doesn’t ease the fact that it taste like lawn clippings
8. US patriot act I and II- fucken sucks major ass
9. not having time to spend time with my family. In fact, that is the first thing I am changing.
10. not being around for the june NOMMO sucks. Imma miss you guys!

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