Thursday, May 29, 2003

ryan and alex's bday at hollywood's pig'n whistle

ryan and alex had their bday at pig n' whistle, last friday night. it was totally fun. however ( there is always a "however") the place was teeming with newly-turned 21 year olds who thought it was pertinent to dress like they just stepped out of a nelly or jay-z video.

then i realized when i was that age... good lord.

though my wardrobe consisted mainly of fresh hip hop wear, i had the occasional short skirt WITH a much un-needed three inch slit. AND if that was not scandalous enough, i would complete the outfit with steve madden platform shoes. yes, your big sister alfie was a pinay spice girl and i HATED THE SPICE GIRLS! once upon a time, i had the body and matching foolishness to pull that outfit off.

well mark my word. if i ever wear that outfit again, whether i am the size i am now or a size 2, you have my permission to take me to the alley of your choice and thoroughly whip my ass and knock some sense to me. you can even lecture me.

i will only allow myself to wear that behind closed doors with that special man during some "us" time. but if i ever wear that in public again... (( cringe))

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