Friday, May 16, 2003

lawdy, 4:33 pm and i am now bored
i want to play.

i want to go to home depot and pick the paint for my room.

i want to pack old things up and send it to goodwill.

i want to rearrange my house so it has better feng shui.

i want to read about my chakras and what they do.

i want to listen to my black uhuru cd right now.

i want to split a candy apple with some one i like.

i want to like someone haha

i want to give presents to people.

i want a street bike.

i want to sock someone in the neck.

i want to tell you i am kidding but i can't

i am kidding.

i want a massage. not no dinky massage but a one hour shiatsu massage.

i want to scream and then justify it that i have tourets syndrome.. but i don't

i want turntables

i want drums

boy, i want drums

i want to visit miko in seattle

i want to visit phil in new york and party with teresa and hug juan in new york

i want more piercings

i want to draw my grand mother and frame it

i want to hug my grandparents

i want to hug my parents

i want closure

i want to.. shit.. i dunno what the fuck i want

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