Friday, April 04, 2003

hey, here is a hypothetical question. say a woman is ready to have kids but have not found mr right. say the woman has a guy friend who is ready for kids but has not found ms. right either. say the two friends are down to have kid together and raise the kid together and that the two friends love each other and trust each other to have these kids but their love is not the "husband/wife" kind. what do you think about that?

answers from my wonderful friends
RJesena: Monica was desperately trying to get pregnant
RJesena: and was sick of trying to find mr. Right
RJesena: so she contemplate getting pregnant because by a friend because she wanted a baby so much
RJesena: see you're like Monica right now
RJesena: just wait long enough and one of your friends, could be your Chandler Bing
RJesena: Ok, I've been watching too many Friends episodes...

caineinyamouf: dont do it alfie
caineinyamouf: baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad idea
caineinyamouf: not fair to the kid either

side note: i NEVER said that the woman was me!!!! it was hypothetical

MajGoku2002: lol thats ironic
MajGoku2002: almost an oxymoron

Randy Q Says: LOL ok there Will And Grace

faith santilla: hmmm...i'm all for having a kid on your own if you sounds to me though, that there are some unresolved things between those two friends
faith santilla: perhaps maybe those two friends are into each other, but are not ready to commit to building a relationship...
faith santilla: and that is a problem if they wanna have kids together...
faith santilla: it's very rare to have to people that can really compartamentalize feelings that normally come together - love, want kids
faith santilla: unless they're gay
faith santilla: maybe

then she later says...
faith santilla: but i'm saying, romance is cultivated
faith santilla: i still think you guys have the hots for each other

side note: hey CAINE, i am still good. i didn't talk about my love life! i was just instilling conversation. and NOOOOOOO, i am not going to start a family. i was just asking!

personally, i am old fashioned. i will wait...

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