Sunday, March 09, 2003

just to get by, just to get by, just to get by
sunday early early morning. just got back from bambu's and kiwi's native guns tour show in pomona. they shared the stage with the visionaries and karmacy. the whole night was lovely. i helped phloe sell blacklava shirts. it was peace to see both bambu's and kiwi's energy on stage! they are a force to be reckoned with.

i miss hawaii
the hawaii gig at the university of hawaii was dope. the audience were very receptive to spoken word. i can tell they really appreciate the work we shared and that does nothing but makes my soul glow. they reminded me exactly why i do what i do and why i keep doing what i do. it is all about making connections in every single level. just to be able to connect with someone- knowing that they know exactly what you are going thru.

hawaii is a spiritual place. past the tourism and the kitchy commercial visuals of hawaii, you will find that the strength and backbone of hawaii is found in its people, culture, and nature. you ARE in paradise. every where i turn around, is beauty. cheryl was the best travelling buddy. we had no itinerary yet we were able to do everything we wanted to do in those five days. meditating at north shore and pali lookout was the best.i haven't experience that flow of energy in a long time.

seeing my cousins and aunt was the highlight. i hardly ever get to see them and life is just too short to let time pass by when it comes to people you love. no joke. tanya had a great metaphor. imagine your clock or watch. when ever you needed to know the time, you just look at your wrist and there you have it. it is reliable. you never think twice about it. you always know it will be there. but do you really think about the watch's well being? do you think about the mechanics? or the battery, if it is wearing out? you never really think about it till it dies. now imagine your loved ones being time pieces. you always know they will be there. they are reliable . how ever, time goes by and you can never get that back. and what about their well being? have you ever really thought about them, i mean really thought about them? you get what i am saying, right?

romy training me in kali sticks. crystal taking me to visit the resting place of uncle and church. my aunt taking us out to dinner in waikiki. lava flows. chicken katsu. tropical shaved ice. driving thru the pineapple and taro fields. running in the sand. swimming in ala moana beach. the wind blowing thru my hair in pali lookout. walking thru a carnival. taking wooded path leading us to a cove in north shore. riding the waves. braving the cliffs. beautiful brown skin everywhere. island music on 100 fm, reminding me what love is about. auntie's feast of a breakfast the first morning. kung fu movies at night. iced ginseng green tea. curry house. malasadas. beautiful pidgin english making me smile while my "la" accent makes local smile. plumeria. hibiscus flowers. cowri shells. sea breeze and moonlight.

well, to my cousins, romy and crystal, and my aunt, all my love and my thoughts are with you. i love you all and i pray to see you again soon. this time around was definitely like a homecoming for me.

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